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2008-06-16 14:33:44 by umsldragon

Due to Dial-Up at home, I won't be doing too much here. Though I have finished three songs, dialup just takes too long. I'm moving into town hopefully within the next month, so when I acquire high speed there... I'LL BOMBARD YOUR !%$'s!!!!!!! jk :P

Keep it REaL,

First two Submitted songs!

2008-04-07 12:38:28 by umsldragon

Ok, so I finished two songs over the weekend: Passionate Playing and Little Green Frog. They are under inspection as we speak (because they're my first >.<) So waiting on that. Give them a listen. I'm happy their done... even though I'll probably tweak them every now and again to make them better :P

That's all for now!

Keep it REaL,
10/10 5/5 [0/5 (unchanged)] ?

I also just submitted a demo called, BoomChick. It's more of a jazz/blues style, which I like. I hope you guys love it too. It wasn't hard to make, and it won't be because it's so easy to do... but they sound awesome! And, I've noticed that my other two submissions haven't gone through yet... hope they will be by tomorrow! I'll PM once again to let you guys know!

FL7 baby!

2008-03-10 12:55:59 by umsldragon

Well, I finally got FL7 to work on my computer. Stupid viral threats! >,.< Anyway. Working on a song called battlefield. Dunno when it'll be up. Still trying to figure out all of the program. Anyone wish to help me with effects, greatly appreciated.

Keep it REaL,

Flash Advance

2008-02-18 00:02:01 by umsldragon

Having just nabbed Flash CS3, I've (finally) been able to learn how to write flash vids. Now, knowing I't the noob here, I know I won't be able to make anything terribly great for a while. Though, having used GIMP 2.2 for a long while (and realizing that animated .gifs don't work as well for vids) I know some things on drawing. It's just going to take a bit of work to learn the program and which methods to use when creating the files.

IMO, I think I'll go fbf with onion skinning rather than tweening. And the hardest chanlenge I think I'll come across in all this is finding the time to write :P Other than that, it will learning how to write flash to the degree that people expect.

Keep it REaL,